Welcome to My Neighbor Alice’s marketplace!

This is your one stop shop for land, animals, tools and cosmetics ranging from common to legendary NFTs. The MNA marketplace basically has all the wonderful things you need to nurture your plot into the land you always dreamed of.

The Lummelunda Archipelago

Land will be a foundational asset in My Neighbour Alice. It will be the space in which much of the gameplay will take place, as well as being a canvas for player customisation and self-expression. In total there will be approximately 100,000 pieces of land available in the game spread across 6 islands; Snowflake Island, Medieval Plains, Lummestad (The Town), Nature’s Rest, Sandy Coast, and Submerged Island’s. Have a look at the beautiful map and start planning for your dream plot!

Alice land lottery

The Alice land lottery is the first opportunity to acquire land in My Neighbor Alice. Why a lottery? In this inaugural sale, Alice wants to give everyone a fair chance of acquiring a piece of land, not just the highest bidder. Check out the dashboard to get ready for the land sale lottery!